Lydia Sanden
Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Design, Postgraduate Diploma in Design.
Born: Britain 14.9.69
In Scotland it rains twice a week. From monday to thursday and then from friday to sunday. Which means that I had a lot of time indoors to study Art and Design.
I lived in Edinburgh and attended Edinburgh College of Art from 1988 untill 1993 in which time I did numerous exhibitions and was lucky enough to win a few awards too!


1992 First Prize in The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths Design and Crafts Awards.

1992 Highly Commended by the World Gold Council and Ernest Jones.

1992 Finalist in Debeers competition.

1993 Andrew Grant Bequest.

1993 Finalist in The Platinum Award.


1992 The New Designers, London.

1992 Passing Out, Birmingham.

1992 Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen, Royal Society of Arts, Edinburgh.

1993 Exhibition of finished pieces, Goldsmiths Hall, London.

1993 Passing Out, Birmingham.

1993-94 Dazzle, London National Theatre.

1993-94 Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Glasgow.

1993-94 Ancram Gallery, Jedbury.

1994 Art Apart Gallery, Frankfurt.

1994-2003 Different Artist and Handycraft Markets throughout Germany.

After graduating I married and moved to Germany, where I kept my profession as a hobby, working between moving houses, learning German and two demanding children. Now that the monsters...oops! I mean children are older I would like to concentrate more on my work. Drawing and painting has always brought me a lot of satisfaction whether it was a portrait or landscape, pencil or paints, I have come to realise that it is a very important part of who I am. What I never expected, was the enjoyment that I get from teaching like-minded people who have started to attend my Art courses.It is a real pleasure to help develope peoples artistic talents and watch them create peices of art that they never thought they could.
I hope that you enjoy your visit to my web-site. Thanks for the interest!
Lydia Sanden