The General Art Course

Starting at the beginning is always the best idea, most of my students are total beginners and are nearly always worried that they have no talent! This course is designed so that all the students start at the same level and have fun learning!


In the first year we study Form, Perspective and Measuring. These are the three most important points to learn when you wish to draw or paint anything. We start with pencil, charcoal and move into colour with wax,oil and pastel chalks. Then into paints with watercolours and acrylics. Don´t worry! I supply almost all of the materials so that my students have the possibility of "playing" with many different materials without breaking the bank!


It is always amazing how some people love working in watercolours and others prefer acrylic. We all have our own styles but it takes time and trails with many different materials to discover which suits you best.


The course is given in a relaxed atmosphere once a week for an hour and a half with groups of up to 5 people. If you are interested in taking part or simply have a question please contact me.

Kids Art Courses